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Master IT ofron sofwtare per menaxhim hotelesh, resortesh dhe kompleksesh turistike ne platformen me te mire, Odoo e cila mundeson menaxhimin ne teresi te Hotelit por edhe te kontabilitetit dhe te gjitha pikave te shitjes ne brendesi te kompleksit si Bar, Restorant, Dyqane, Beach Bar dhe menaxhimin e cadrave ne plazh.

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6 hotel modules in Odoo

The effective management of these enterprises and functional management is an issue of concern among various companies. Managers are worried about how these can be distributed among the customers, charge them, maintain the equipment, subcontract the generation fields, and many more aspects of the operation. 


Subcontracting in every business is an operational tool that is mutually beneficial for the company as well as the vendors and other third parties being involved.


The invoicing in the aspect of a power industry should be based on the consumption rates of each household, shop, or industry respectively.

Field services

The Odoo platform's effective field service management tool can drive the operation of the field operatives.

Employee management

Employee management is an integrated part of the operation in any industry or business which should be handled with utmost precision and care.


The modules allow users to send out quotations and orders to the customers and vendors.


Menaxhim Sherbimesh si Fitnes,SPA,Dhome konferencash.

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